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Textile Collab with Jac Kuehlmann

Jac and I go way back.  She was one of my textile lecturers at TAFE in the late 90s when I was studying fashion and textiles.  After I finished, we became colleagues when I started teaching there too.  And then when I opened Pekho in 2011, Jac came and worked with me during her maternity leave and didn't go back.  But more than just being my work wife, Jac is also a textile designer.

Since the store closed last year, we have been catching up for lunch when we can.  About a month ago we started talking about using Jac's designs on Pekho Clothing.  Jac works out of the stunningly rustic J Shed Artist Studios in the Arthur Head Reserve, Fremantle.  The first week we got together for a 'play date' was hilarious...everything we taught at TAFE went out the window.  We made a mess of a few metres of linen and decided to go away and reconvene with a plan!  Or at least a colour palette and some idea of which pattern pieces to print.  Funnily enough, when we met again, the colour palettes we each thought would be beautiful, were almost to same!

We have been playing with a print which is like a giant confetti polka dot.  I love the simplicity of it.  At this stage we have printed lengths of the skirt part of a dress.  They'll be going into production this week.  So watch this space for the green light to come and snaffle them up!