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Double Gauze Cropped Jackets have arrived...

Double Gauze Cropped Jackets have arrived...

I've had this beautiful cloth for some time. Every time I took it to the studio to cut we put it into the too hard basket! It's a bit tricky you see.

Firstly, stripes, and irregular ones at that, are a tedious time consuming thing to match and are thirsty on the fabric if you are going to follow the time honoured tradition of making the damn things line up across seams. I only have ten metres.

Secondly, the cloth is this amazing double faced gauze with bulky threads woven between the layers. So, the fabric is basically two layers of fabric woven together. But! The top layer is a stripe in which the different coloured stripes are different is a twill, the next pick and pick, the next plain etc...and the bottom layer is woven with two thicknesses of thread. Then! The two layers are woven (joined) together between the stripes of the top layer and in the gaps between the extra thicker threads from the bottom layer are floating. I know right! Amazing. The Japanese sure know how to make beautiful cloth. Oh...I got side tracked! Yes, so it's amazing and also what we call in the industry...unstable. It moves, it frays, it bounces around the table, it is near impossible to keep multiple layers on grain when you're cutting it...(aren't we all sometimes ;))

But then I thought to hell with it! I'm not matching stripes and I'm going to spend a couple hours messing around with it to cut some jackets. I experimented with the best fabric usage and cut the stripes in different directions...I think the results are beautiful!!

I have one of each in the size small at the studio and they are on the website too. And! I can make to order! Turn around will be three weeks as my manufacturer fits one off's between other production...I think they're worth the wait!

Check them out...


ps sorry...I just totally fabric nerded out on you :)