When we started Pekho we decided to develop our own sizing chart.

The sizing is based on years of designing clothes for women over 35 and knowing how age, babies, menopause and the odd glass of red with a bit of ripe French brie can add character to ones' figure. We start at a 1, like an Australian 10, and go through to a 5, like and Australian 18.

Stylistically, Pekho mixes generous, unstructured silhouettes with more fitted ones. Some cuts may fit you better a little smaller, some a little larger, it really depends on how you like to wear something, and on your body shape. The description with each style will explain the cut and suggested way to wear it.

Below is a guide to finding your correct Pekho size. Important garment measurements are listed for each item also, with details of the model's height and garment size they are wearing. If you still have any questions, send us an email with your bust, waist, hip and height measurements and we can recommend the best size for you.

Measurements are in centimetres.  Allow a few centimetres for ease.
SIZE 1 2 3 4  5
BUST 95-97 100-103 106-108 116-118 126-128
WAIST 72-75 83-86 92-95 100-103 110-113
HIP 97 112 97 126 135

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