My friend Albie.

Posted on March 09 2018

It’s rare that I get to support the work of a primary-schooler at Pekho, but
I’m happy to have greetings cards by The Boy Who Draws in the shop.  Albie, the wunderkind behind them, really is a boy – he’s six and a half.  With help from his creative parents, his obsession with drawing has turned into a snappy little stationery and textiles business.

 He was only around five when his parents, graphic designer Carolyn Brown and TV editor Roly Smith, took him with them on a trip to London, packing plenty of paper and pencils in the hope that he’d occupy himself while they looked at ‘stuffy old buildings’. They needn’t have worried. Turns out those buildings – from St Paul’s Cathedral to Buckingham Palace – ignited a kind of drawing-cum-architecture obsession in him. He came home with dozens of drawings, and his obsession didn’t stop when he got home. Luckily Google images was on hand to play tour guide of the world’s famous buildings.

Carolyn now uses her graphic design flair to add a splash of colour and text to his line work, and the finished artwork is the basis for a range of prints, greetings cards, t- shirts and tea towels. There’s some Freo themes in there, naturally.

Anyone else’s kid earning their keep around the house in quite this way?

We’ve got the cards on the counter. And you can see the artist at work here.


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