Thank you, 2017

Posted on December 31 2017



Here comes the end of the year. I’m not going to bang on about how fast it went, I’m just going to say how incredibly grateful I am for what it’s brought to my orbit. Lovely customers who have shaped and supported the evolution of Pekho. A brilliant team who fully lived the Pekho Dream alongside me. A new move into online shopping. More homewares than I ever thought I’d be able to squeeze into the space. All of the linen. Plenty of styling. Lots of laughing. 

The Fremantle community really feeds my enthusiasm and inspires me to keep Pekho great. As the year winds up I’m going to be spending some time at one of my favourite places, South Beach, offering my thanks to the sea and dreaming up new things. And snoozing a bit, probably.

I wish everybody a restorative summer break, and a better than fair share of beautiful things, good health and happiness in 2018.

Happy New Year everyone!


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