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Posted on February 10 2018

I discovered Perth-­based Kinky Kondiments through food stylist Kate Flower, when she used them in a photo shoot using plates, bowls and spoons from Pekho. Everything looked good enough to eat. Funnily enough.

Ashleigh and Aaron Barr make everything by hand and pack their jams, chutneys and relishes with top quality ingredients and the right amount of spice. That makes for some pretty sensational jars of flavour. Think Chilli and Basil Jam, or Onion, Garlic and Thyme Chutney. There’s some sweet ones too. They give a real lift to a plate of simple food, and add something zingy to a cheese board.

They’re also incredibly versatile. On toast, in a sambo, on a pizza, as a marinade, in a cheese cake, on a pizza, Indeed, if you’re the type who tends to lose jars of condiments at the back of the cupboard, there’s inspiration to be found in the Kinky Kondiments recipe suggestions. These babies aren’t just for dolloping on the plate.


Here’s a recipe Ashleigh has shared with us.

Premade shortcrust pastry tart shells
1 jar of Kinky Kondiments lemon curd
1 punnet of fresh raspberries
¼ to ½ cup of thickened cream
Fresh thyme
1. Set aside 1 raspberry half for each tart, and crush the remaining
raspberries slightly with a fork
2. Spoon about ½ to 1 tablespoon of Lemon Curd into each tart shell (this
will depend on how big your tart shells are)
3. Drizzle on some of the crushed raspberries and ½ to 1 teaspoon of the
4. Top with raspberry half and a few leaves of fresh thyme
Some twists on this idea:
Diced strawberries, tossed in Kinky KondimentsStrawberry & Cardamom Jam,
with fresh cream and mint.
Kinky Kondiments Carrot Jam, topped with a cheesecake style frosting and
topped with toasted and crushed walnuts

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