Slowly, surely

Posted on November 20 2017

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s seeing someone buy a piece of clothing they’re just never going to wear. It’s such a waste – of resources, time and money. Buy less, buy well, save the planet – that’s my idea of a good time at the shops!

So I’m taking some time out from the pre-Christmas frenzy to revisit the concept of ‘slow fashion’, which really underpins what we’re all about at Pekho.

Slow is more of an ethos than a pace. Less, not more. Quality, not quantity. Timeless, not disposable. Wearable now – not in two months when the season finally kicks in!

Our small-batch drops of clothing are all about that. By trickle-feeding new styles into the range, we're fully embracing the slow philosophy.

It means we’re a bit more considered about what we’re making, and not scrambling to get a huge collection together for some arbitrary seasonal deadline. By doing small runs, we’re giving customers clothes that not everyone else will be wearing. And we’re reducing waste; we’ve become really good at squeezing the requisite number of garments into a single lay of fabric!

Plus we’ve got control over the quality. All our garments are designed and sewn in Perth by local people. There are cheaper ways of doing it, but nothing beats the feeling of having confidence in our products. Not to mention the warm glow I get from supporting local industry. Some of the great relationships I’ve forged with makers and suppliers now span two decades.

Now we’re making more regular drops of new styles into the range - our monthly ‘small capsules’ – the collection is constantly being refreshed and reinvigorated. You might see an existing style in a new fabric, or a whole new take on one of our trans-seasonal styles that’s designed to work back with other things in the collection.

I really want what I make to stand the test of time. And if that makes me slow, bring it on.

- Buffy

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