Needle in a hay stack.

Posted on February 27 2018

I was lying in bed last night contemplating how I was going to write about the new trends coming through at the home and giftware trade fairs I visited in Sydney last weekend.  About how gorgeous emerald green velvet is and how much black and white tribal look there was.  And how faux copper finishes are finally done and dusted.  But I kept thinking about a comment one of my suppliers made when I joked about how the ugliness of the stand opposite hers was hurting my eyes.  She simply responded - so much landfill.

So. Much. Landfill.

It was true.  We walked for 7 hours that day.  Aisle after aisle. Of future landfill. 

We've all watched The War on Waste, seen images of the plastic content of a whale's stomach, read about how washing polyester clothing is filling our oceans with microscopic plastic particles, marvelled at how quickly (and cheaply) Kmart can copy a product before the general public realises there is a small maker somewhere scrambling to control their intellectual property.  I lay there last night contemplating my role in an industry slowly choking the planet in crap. 
Many years ago, long before Pekho, I read an article on an emerging marketing demographic coined 'The New Authentics'. Enter environmentally / socially aware hipsters, linen lovers, Birkenstock wearers, farm gate cooks, crafters, Kinfolk readers, organic shape producing potters.  A return to old ways, using the real stuff not the rip off.  It resonated then, still does.

I opened Pekho with the ethos of quality, environmentally sound, local, natural fibre, hand crafted, sustainable, useful, beautiful...authentic. (Before the word became over used.)  I mulled these things over in my head in bed, ruminating on how many sparkly unicorn Christmas decorations (yes, they're a thing) will be buried and how little of what we saw ticked these boxes.

But I think I found a few needles in the haystack.

Look out for a new range of beeswax wraps (which come in big sizes!), bamboo straws, stunning hand thrown ceramic keep cups, fun dog leads designed by the sweetest 14 year old girl, artisan jewellery, sunscreen without the nasties, Australian made body products, vegan cookbooks and divine Japanese ceramics.

It's true.  Buy local, buy quality, buy ethically.  Make considered purchases. Buy for the future generation.

Sparkly unicorn Christmas ornament displayed by my friend Odelle.

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